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Our Program

We know that finding the right care for your child can be stressful.

You want a childcare centre with a rich learning environment that provides opportunities for your child to think, imagine, choose, share, negotiate and problem solve. Rather than give you lots of words about our centres, we’d like to share some of programs and activities we’re most proud of, and which our children and parents love!

A love of sustainability - our cute chickens have great personalities and our children love watching them and collecting the eggs. We also share the experience of planting, growing and harvesting vegetables in our gardens, with much of the produce ending up on the lunch table!

Community involvement - we love to get out and about to meet people in our community. We have hosted a car boot sale, taken part in the Lara High School Connections program and the Grow Program where our children take plants home and help their parents look after them.

Meal times - our meals really are something special. Everything is cooked fresh, preservative free, tailored to our children’s needs and dietary requirements. Everyone has the same meal to enjoy and nothing comes out of a jar or packet!

Progressive indoor/outdoor play - our doors don’t close, so our children are free to roam in and out whenever they like. Play equipment can be used in either space, so a game doesn’t have to stop just because our children want to continue dress-ups outside!

Incursions - all incursions and excursions are held at no extra cost to you. Incursions help our children learn through activities such as hatching chickens, the responsible pet owner program, Thingle Toodle, Fire, Police and Dentist experiences, just to name a few!

Intentional teaching methods - we’re particularly proud of the passion our educators have for intentional teaching. This idea follows the understanding that children learn more effectively when they can choose their own play activities, equipment and playmates. Learning through play is further enhanced when the child interacts with an adult, explaining what they are doing and asking the adult to join in and perhaps help solve problems.

While these are just some of the exciting things happening at Happy Feet, there is always more to see and do. If you’d like to come and visit one of our centres, please give our team a call on 5274 9399 for Corio or 9746 0377 for Melton and we’d be happy to arrange a time to show you and your child our rooms and programs.

Additionally, you can view our Mission Statement and FAQs page if you require any further information.

With increasing demand for childcare places, we encourage you to secure your child's place early.