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Our Mission Statement

H is for – Happy

and very committed, professional team who will welcome all families and children and endeavour to make their experience at the centre enjoyable and fun. Our Learning Centre’s are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all young children and people within our services and community. Management, Educators and volunteers will treat all children with the utmost respect and understanding.

A is for – Affectionate

educators. Happy Feet Early Learning provides a sensitive atmosphere whilst meeting the individual needs of children. Children will learn to be proud of who they are and learn to resolve certain situations that may arise without adult intervention. Positive guidance and clear expectations will be given to children when adult intervention is required.

P is for – Providing

a nutritionally balanced menu that allows children the opportunity to try new foods and experience a wide range of cultural meals. Our menus are developed using the "Healthy Eating Geelong" guidelines to ensure all children are provided with the 50% of recommended daily intake of nutrients.

P is for – Positive role modelling

will be demonstrated throughout the centre through correct practice, respect and consideration to all. Educators will listen to children and parents and use a variety of open communication strategies to build strong, trusting relationships. Children will learn to connect and contribute to their environment through embedded sustainable practices and become confident and involved learners.

Y is for – Your feedback

and input into our centre will be appreciated as valuable information in helping us improve our services to the highest possible care in the community.

F is for – Family diversity

We will offer diverse programs that meet the needs of all families within our centre and community at large. Information is regularly provided to demonstrate that our centre and programs are inclusive and cater for all individuals.

E is for – Emphasis is on encouraging

children's skills and helping develop each child's unique social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills through observing, planning, evaluating and maintaining comprehensive developmental profiles in accordance with "The Early Years Learning Framework" (EYLF). Our programs are based on the child's interests and through play will encourage selfgrowth and independence, decision making and self-respect, which meets the developmental needs of children.

E is for – Encourage educators

to strive constantly to improve as a centre and as a team by enhancing our skills through professional development training and work in conjunction with the National Childcare Accreditation Council and Department of Education to ensure the highest standard of care is offered. Educators and management will conduct themselves in an ethical manner and strive to make all communications positive.

T is for – Together

we will aim to provide a personal, happy, family-oriented atmosphere where parents, community members and organisations will feel welcome and encouraged to participate whenever possible to bridge the gap between home, the centre and the community.

With increasing demand for childcare places, we encourage you to secure your child's place early.